How I Get Motivated

How I Get Motivated

With exam season fast approaching (I’m so sorry if that just made you cry a little) and the most depressing part of the year in full swing, I figured it might be helpful to share my tips on how I get motivated. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some kind of freak that’s positive and motivated 24/7 but from past experience I’ve found that some of these things can really help me to turn my mood around – so why not give them a go.

  1. Setting the right atmosphere. I personally find that for getting work done (be it uni work, school work, work-work or even blogging) I am ten times more productive if I have the right kind of atmosphere – too picky? Sure, maybe. But I find that if I have some music playing and my favourite candle burning and I’m sat to my desk and not slumped in bed, then I’m a heck of a lot more likely to get stuff done. When I did my AS level exams I used to work in bed all of the time and I was so convinced that it was working out for me, but in reality it seriously wasn’t. So, one of the first things I did this year was order myself a cute little Micke Ikea desk and Tobias chair so that I could get all productive. So far, it’s proving to be a winner – I’m sat to the desk right now with my cherry vanilla Yankee candle lit and I’ve got Ed Sheeran playing and I’m actually looking for things to do, I want to work. Another tip, especially for this time of the year when it’s so depressing outside, get a continuous fire place video up. I have an Amazon Fire TV stick and you can get apps with fireplaces and fish tanks that just play continuously with sound effects. I also know they’re available on Youtube, so if you’re someone that can’t work with music playing then try a fire place. I find it so relaxing and cozy, and that makes me super productive.
  2. Diaries, journals and weekly planners. For just general life motivation I find it really helpful to use a weekly planner. When I was doing my A levels and for the few months that I was at uni, I found it so unbelievably helpful to have my little A4 planner up on the wall with everything plain and simple, day by day, for me to follow. It kept me super organised and meant that I was always totally on top of assignments. Not only that but it’s great for if you workout so you can keep to a regular schedule, or for if you have appointments or are meeting friends. I would totally recommend them. I’m also really trying to keep a journal this year. I started one last year but never really kept it up, but this year I’m going in. One of my best friends bought me a beautiful motivational journal (it was from TK Maxx if you wanna grab yourself one) and it’s such a lovely journal that I find I’m always desperate to just write something in it and use it. Keeping the journal so far has definitely helped with stress, as I use it to vent, and has also helped me to be more positive and motivated and I try to write down at least one positive thing that i’ve done every day. Consequently, every day I’m thinking “lets do something amazing today so I can record it in my journal”, it’s really keeping me motivated.
  3. Keep your room and work space tidy and organised. Over christmas I was completely avoiding my bedroom because it was such a tip. I’d literally got piles of books in the corner of my room as I’d ran out of shelves for them and it was just generally a cluttered mess. So I’ve made it my mission to have a serious clear out in my bedroom and treated myself to some gorgeous new shelves to showcase my books and my room is looking fantastic. With everything tidy and organised and nice, my room feels like a really positive space and I honestly feel like it’s the reason I’ve been sleeping so much better this past week. Equally I’ve got myself some nice little desk tidies to keep my work space clear and clutter-free and consequently my mind feels clutter-free.
  4. Be kind to yourself. Yeah okay so life is busy and there’s always things to be done but you’re not a robot and you deserve a break every now and then – don’t be so hard on yourself. Every evening at 8pm I leave my phone in my room and clear my mind of anything that’s stressing me out and I go downstairs and spend time with my family. We usually sit in the living room and watch our favourite TV shows like Midsomer Murders and Endeavour (we all love a good murder), but it’s just a couple of hours where I’m in this nice little bubble that’s totally stress free and all that’s running through my mind is who’s the murderer. Taking time for yourself to just chill and let give your blood pressure a break is so damn important and it really just helps me to go to bed feeling clear-minded and ready for some actual sleep, not just 8 hours of tossing and turning while stressing about everything I can possibly think of.
  5. Eat lots and drink lots. I cannot express how important it is to fuel your body to keep it running. Before Christmas when things were pretty crap and I was feeling low and ill, I was barely eating and drinking. It’s just basic common sense that if you don’t fuel your body then it just isn’t going to run properly. So because I wasn’t eating and drinking properly I was feeling even lower and tireder and crapper (are those words?). I got myself into the mindset that I was just totally broken and there was no hope (drama queen, I know), but luckily my Mom was there to give me a good talking to and a good kick up the arse. After a few weeks of eating lots and drinking loads of water, I’ve got my energy back, I’m thinking straight again and feeling all motivated and productive. It really does go to show that if you live off two packets of crisps and two slices of toast a day then you will just lie in bed in the dark and get nowhere. However, with cereal and crumpets and stir fries and fruit and yoghurts and pasta and lots and lots of water, you can do anything – even become president, as good old Donald has proven that anything is possible. So if you want to work to your maximum ability, get yourself some cheeky brain food.

Let me know if you have any tips for getting motivated because you can never have too much help when it comes to getting motivated. Also let me know if you try any of these and they make a difference for you. I hope this post can be of some use, it definitely would’ve been to me a couple of years ago – if I’d have known these things all along then GCSEs and A levels could have been a lot less stressful for me. So, thanks for reading and I’ll see you again on Thursday when I’ll be posting a stationery haul!






  1. January 17, 2017 / 4:38 pm

    These are great tips! I like what you said about working at your desk with music and fav candle, I think that would help me too so I might try that!

  2. January 17, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    Thank you so much! I find sitting at a desk alone makes the world of difference but if I’ve got some good music playing my mood is just instantly better – recipe for productivity!x

  3. January 18, 2017 / 8:54 am

    I’m not a student anymore, but I can relate to this! These are great tips! xoxo Sarah

  4. January 28, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Love this. There’s nothing better than some motivation.

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