About Me


Hey, welcome to my ‘about me’ page! So, that girl there is me, I’m Emma Charlotte, I’m nineteen and I’m from Worcestershire in the UK (it’s just below Birmingham). I am currently having an accidental gap year, after I started University in Nottingham in September and then went and decided that it wasn’t for me – which is an expensive mistake btw. So, I’ve now got a lot of time on my hands and will hopefully be getting up to lots in Spring and Summer 2017, and I intend to document it all here.

Moreover, as well as posting about what I’m up to in my spare time, I’ll also post about revision and exam tips (as A-Levels are what consumed the last two years of my life and I want to share the tips that I really needed at the time) and also about things that interest me, such as; make-up, nails, hair, health and fitness, recipes, life tips and mindfulness.

Overall, I’m a stress-head, a fussy eater, a talented procrastinator, serious book lover and I obsess over weird things like stationery, plants and pyjamas. But, I promise my blog will be worth following over the next few months (is that too beggy? crikey I feel like I’m at a job interview) and if you like the idea of a nineteen year old girl running a blog with no IT skills whatsoever and some seriously cringe-worthy jokes then, it is me you’re looking for.

If you want to find out more about me you can find my social media links here – why not connect with me?